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G. Srinivasan received his B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering from Adhiyamaan College of  Engineering,  Hosur, Tamil Nadu,  India  in  the  year  1997  and  received  his  M.Tech. Degree in Biotechnology from the Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India in the year 2008. Currently  he  is  working  as  an  Associate Professor and HoD   in  the  department  of  Chemical Engineering at Paavai  Engineering College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India. He has received grants


v   Rs.80, 000 (Rupees Eighty Thousand only) from Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), New Delhi. For conducted a Two days National Workshop on “Green Technology”-An awareness programme for formers in rural area on 19th & 20 th September 2011.

v  Rs.1, 00, 000 (Rupees one lakh only) from ISTE-SRM University, Chennai. For conducted a One Week Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on “Green Engineering Concepts for Process Design and Synthesis of Green products” on 13th December 2012.

v  Rs.10, 000 (Rupees Ten Thousand only) from TNSCST (Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology), Chennai, in the topics of “Effect of Temperature Difference in Pharmaceutical powders”.

v  Rs.5,000 (Rupees Five Thousand only) from Motorola award  (Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research), Bangalore, in the topics of ”Enhanced Intermediate Temperature-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (IT-SOFC) with High Performance Electrodes ”. May 2014.

Chemical Engineering