Dr.R.Jagannathan, born at Salem in Tmailnadu on 20th May 1955. After schooling in Salem he completed his B.Sc. (Agriculture) during 1977, M.Sc. (Agriculture) specialized in Agronomy during 1979 at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He acquired his Ph.D. in Agronomy from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during 1996. He has published 49 research papers in reputed Journals and presented 38 research articles in various international and national conferences. He has written 7 books, 15 practical manuals for students and 26 booklets for farmers. He has more than 37 years of teaching, research and extension experience in the field of agriculture. He has special skills in crop simulation modeling, climate downscaling models and weather forecast models. He has visited 14 countries 19 times for various academic and research related accomplishments. Currently he is working on protected cultivation especially on aeroponics.

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