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Department of Physics.

Dr. S.Vadivel , received his Ph.D in the area of thin film from Anna University in the year 2016. He joined the Department of Physics from the year 2005. He has written a few books namely, Engineering Physics-I&II and Physics Laboratory-I &II published by Jai Tech publications. He has published 11 papers in reputed International Journals. He has published in diverse field’s research like Dye-sensitized Solar cell, Gas Sensor, Humidity sensor, Photocatalytic and Nano materials. His current research is in the synthesis and characterization of oxide nanoparticles and Metal oxide materials. Currently one candidate is pursuing his Ph.D under his guidance. He is one of the reviewers for international journals like Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Journal of Water Process Engineering, Journal of material science: Material in electronics, Surface Review and Letters, Journal of Material Chemistry C and The Journal of Physical Chemistry. He has organised and conducted many workshops, seminars and conferences.  

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