CNC (Computer numerical control) machines are automated machine tools controlled by programming commands for increased consistency and quality over manual operations. They are used for various machining operations like milling, Turning, Grinding and other machining operations. Ours is a CNC vertical milling machine having latest features.

★ This milling machine has vertically oriented spindle that approaches work pieces mounted on their table from above and commonly perform 3-axis machining operations.

★ The spindle speed of this machine is 6000 rpm. It has an automatic tool changer with the storage capacity of 20 numbers of tools.

★ The machine works with the accuracy of 0.010 mm and has a repeatability accuracy of ±0.003 mm.

★ This machine has advanced CNC capabilities with FANUC programming control.

★ Ancillary equipment is also available to increase the flexibility and capability of these machines, including angle heads, quick-change work-holding devices among others.


• 3 axis capabilities for infinite possibilities to process different shapes.

• Temperature stability through integral cooling.

• On-board probing for part location and feature inspection with the cutting cycle.

• User-friendly CNC controls simplify the programming and increase productivity.

• Pallet changers that increase spindle utilization and reduce part cycle times.

• These machines can be employed for Mass production.

• Minute components can be produced with high accuracy.

• It can also perform large machining operations.

• Automobile, Aero space and other Machinery components that require close tolerances can be produced.

• Hands-on Training in this machine to students will get them lucrative job offers.