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Laboratory Details

The department is having spacious laboratories, well equipped facilities for the students to perform the necessary experiments as per the curriculum and even beyond the curriculum.

Lab Facilities:

  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Concrete and Highway Engineering laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Survey Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • CADD Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Engineering Practices laboratory

Maintenance and overall ambiance:


  1. Overall ambience of laboratory is good.
  2. All laboratories have sufficient natural light, good ventilation with tubes and fan arrangement.
  3. Laboratory plans are prepared for each laboratory course, these plans include number of experiments as prescribed in the curriculum.
  4. Laboratory manuals are prepared for all the experiments in the plan and are provided to the students at the time of practical hours.
  5. Continuous assessment system is also implemented for assessment of laboratory work.
  6. The assessment is done on the basis of timely submission of laboratory sheets, understanding of the experiment through oral questions and participation in performing the experiment.
  7. As per the requirement minor repair works are carried out by the lab assistant.
  8. Maintenance of computers is taken care by the help of system administrator of our institute itself.
  9. Major repair works are outsourced by following the procedure of the institute.
  10. All laboratories are equipped with modern equipment to meet the requirement of the curriculum.
  11. Issues are immediately resolved.
  12. User register is maintained in every laboratory.
  13. Safety equipment are inspected and frequently recharged.
S.No Laboratory Equipment Photo
1.        Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Universal Testing Machine 40t Capacity( With Double Shear Attachment),
  • Beam Deflection Test Apparatus,
  • Muffle Furnace,
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine,
  • Izod / Charpy Impact Testing Machine,
  • Torsion Testing Machine 100N Capacity,
  • Spring Testing Machine 250 kg Capacity,
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Machine,
  • Mechanical Extensometer,
  • Metallurgical Microscope,
  • Fatique testing machine, Beam Test setup, Column test setup, Hinged bar suspension.

2.        Concrete and Highway Engineering laboratory
  • Cube Mould With (Cast Iron) Base Plate 70.6×70.6×70.6mm,
  • Cube Mould With (Cast Iron) Base Plate 150x150x150 mm,
  • Cylindrical Mould 150 x300mm,
  • Concrete Mixer(40l Capacity -Motorised),
  • Le- Chatelier Apparatus,
  • Vicat Apparatus,
  • Pycnometer,
  • Slump Cone,
  • Flow Table ( Electrically Operated),
  • Aggregate Impact Testing Machine,
  • CBR Apparatus ( Motorized),
  • Compression Testing Machine 2000kN Capacity,
  • Blain’s Apparatus,Sieves,
  • Electronic Weighing Balance Eagle Make-15kg Capacity,

Plastic Jar

  • i)1litre Capacity
  • ii)½ litre Capacity,

Plastic Tray:

  • 35cm x 27cm
  • 27cm x 23cm
  • ii) Pan
  • iii) Trowel



  • Vibrating Table (1 m x1m),
  • Vee-Bee Consistometer,
  • Los angles abrasion testing machine,
  • Concrete permeability testing machine,
  • Compaction factor test apparatus,
  • Ductility testing machine,
  • Tar viscometer,
  • Standard penetrometer,
  • Thickness gauge,
  • Length gauge,
  • Crushing strength test apparatus,
  • Binder testing machine.

3.        Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Sieve Shaker,
  • Liquid & Plastic Limit Apparatus,
  • Shrinkage Limit Apparatus,
  • Procter Compaction apparatus,
  • Direct Shear Apparatus,
  • Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus,
  • Tri axial Shear Apparatus,
  • Three Gang Consolidation Test Device,
  • High Speed Stirrer With Dispersion Cup,
  • Pycnometer,
  • Unconfined Compression Tester,
  • Core Cutter,
  • Hydrometer,
  • Thermometer,
  • Electronic Weighing Balance.

4.        Survey Laboratory
  • Theodolite With Stand,
  • Total station,
  • Dumpy Level With Stand,
  • Tilting Level,
  • Prismatic Compass,
  • Plane Table with its accessories,
  • Chains (30m),
  • Levelling Staff,
  • Pocket Stereoscope,
  • Ranging Rod 2m Long,
  • Ranging Rod 3m Long,
  • Cross Staff,
  • Measuring Tape,
  • Steel Peg.

5.        Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
  • Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus,
  • Meta centric Height Apparatus,
  • Pitot Tube Apparatus,
  • Flow Through Pipes (Venturimeter, Orifice meter),
  • Losses in Pipes (Major, Minor),
  • Centrifugal Pump,
  • Reciprocating Pump,
  • Gear Pump,
  • Submergible Pump,
  • Pelton Wheel Turbine,
  • Francis Turbine,
  • Kaplan Turbine.

6.        Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • pH Meter,
  • Turbidity Meter,
  • Conductivity Meter,
  • BOD  Incubator,
  • Muffle Furnace,
  • Hot Air Oven,
  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plates,
  • Jar test apparatus,
  • Water bath,
  • COD Apparatus,
  • Kjeldane apparatus,
  • Heating Mantles,
  • Colorimeter,
  • Chlorine Comparator,
  • UV-Spectrophotometer.


7.        CADD Lab
  • Computer System Wipro Evolv Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7600 @ 3.06GHz 3.07GHz Processor 320 GB HDD / 4GB Ram /19”LED Monitor Advanced Graphics Accelerator & Laser Printer, Auto CAD 2010 Software.

8.        Structural Engineering Laboratory
  • Loading Frame,
  • Hydraulic Jack with Hand Pump(Capacities: 10T,20T,50T),
  • Load Cell (Capacity range:(0 – 10000kg),(0 – 20000kg),(0 – 50000kg)),
  • Integral Type Proving Ring (Capacites:100kN,300kN),
  • Demec Gauge,
  • 10 Channel Strain Gauge with Digital Indicator,
  • Displacement Indicator with 10 Channels,
  • Rebound Hammer Tester,
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester,
  • 10 Channel Digital Load Indicator,
  • Digital Clinometer,
  • Vibration Exciter(5N Capacity),
  • Vibration Meter.

9.        Engineering Practices laboratory
  • Assorted components for plumbing consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions, elbows, plugs and other fittings
  • Carpentry vice,
  • Standard Wood working tools,
  • Models of  Industrial trusses,
  • Portable power tools
  • Rotary Hammer
  • Demolition Hammer
  • Circular saw
  • Planer
  • Hand drilling   machine
  • Jigsaw

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