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Thrust Areas

S.No Faculty Activities Specialization
1 Dr.K.K.Ramasamy Solar and Wind Energy Renewable Energy Sources
2 Dr.M.Prem Kumar Solar Thermal Energy Renewable Energy Sources
3 Dr. A.P. Sivasubramaniam Performance study of Heat Exchanger Thermal Engineering
4 Dr.K.Sundara Murthy Metal Cutting and Optimization Manufacturing Engineering
5 Dr. V.Subburam Electro-chemical Micro machining Micromachining
6 Dr.M.Makesh Analysis of High  Temperature Corrosion of  Boiler Tube Weldment Welding  and High Temperature Corrosion
7 Dr. M.S.Vijayanand Electrode Discharge Machining & Friction Stir Welding Manufacturing Engineering
8 Dr. P.Pugalenthi Metal Matrix Composite for new applications Composite Materials
9 Dr. S.Maniraj Electro-chemical Micro machining Micromachining Processes
10 Dr.S.T.Kumaravel Alternate Fuel Thermal Engineering
11 Dr.C.Suresh Thermal spray coating on IC engine parts Thermal Engineering
12 Mr.V.Senthil Kannan Abrasive Water Jet Machining Unconventional Machining
13 Mr.M.Selvaraj Friction Stir Welding Metal Joining Technology
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