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Cultural Committee



Pachal, Namakkal-637018

Cultural Committee:

The Cultural Committee is one of the most dedicated platforms whose main motive is to find our inner talent and abilities. They are more focused on growing and learning than any other aspects. The cultural committee took up the challenges many events like Astra, Symposium and everyone one gets benefitted in and inspired.We at Cultural Committee not only just achieve our goals or celebrate our endeavors. The cultural committee every year participates in many events and secures podiums and prizes in several fests, events and competitions.

Committee Members:-

Faculty Incharge- A.Samundeeshwari, ASP/ ECE Department

S.No. Name Year Department  
1 C.Prammasudhan III Aero
2 M.Ragul II Bio Medical
3 T.Jaisankar II Civil
4 G.Suganthi III CSE
5 R.Swashikha III ECE
6 T.Pavithran III ECE
7 G.Karthikeyan III EEE
8 R.Naveen III Mech
9 M.Srigokulnath III MCT
10 NAVEEN KUMAR II Food/Pharma
11 G.Ambrishnath III IT


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