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About the Department

The Department of Biotechnology was started in the year 2020 with a focus of offering excellent academic quality and an obligation to the panoramic of the undergraduates. Biotechnology involves the application of biology for the development of novel products and methodologies intended for problem-solving and to improve society and human well-being. The core objective of the Programme is to empower students to attain the highest levels of achievement by providing high-quality technical education. Systematized and balanced student-centred curriculum for interdisciplinary learning with the major focusing areas of bioprocessing on Healthcare, Agriculture, Food and Environmental Biotechnology are followed that are periodically reviewed on pace with the global industrial scenario

Highly competent technocrats are raised to suit academic, industrial, and research arenas of integrative biology to service the society. Students are also motivated to become entrepreneurs by revamping with cutting edge technologies to meet the demand of the ecosystems. With careful consideration of the moral and social ramifications, biotechnology is an incredible tool that has the ability to improve our biosphere and ensure a more reasonable and sustainable future

Programme offered 


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