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Safety & Fire Engineering

About the Department

The growth of industries has necessitated the knowledge and skills in the field of Safety and Fire Engineering. The Safety and Fire Engineering program caters to the needs of industries for keeping the working environment safe and the work-force healthy by the application of engineering methods and using safety equipment. Thus Safety and Fire Engineering field has become an integral part of various process industries like chemical production units, refineries, fluid treatment plants, food and beverage industry, and also necessary for industries involving construction, electrical and mechanical works among others. 

As the industrial sector is poised for an upsurge around the world including India, most of the associated services, particularly Safety will have to be scaled up, thus providing the graduates of this discipline with wide career opportunities. Fire being an important safety aspect, the program involves comprehensive study of subjects that deal with the designing of safer fire-resistant equipment, in-depth knowledge of fire, its properties, hazards and control measures. The department offers the students with constant motivation and support to bring out their talents in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular perspectives, thus, uplifting them into dynamic professionals. Our productive learning environment include,   traditional classroom teaching, instructions through hands-on training, laboratory experiments and innovative projects.

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