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Internship Opportunities




Internship opportunities for all students in Industries 


Internships offer students the chance to put what they are learning into action, in a real-world environment. It helps them to understand the theories and strategies they have been reading about, cementing the learning process and giving a greater focus. In this aspect, several steps have been adopted by the Institution to know their own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.


Strengthen and enhance the quality of education for students, to provide them opportunity for job seeking, focus on technology integrated development, skill development and to have hands-on experience of different concepts, Internships should be of primary concern.

Practice Underwent:

To achieve our objective, we have created an environment for the students through various internship programmes and MoU’s with foreign Universities. “Your network is your net worth” and internships offer students with great networking opportunities. The Internshala – Internship is headed by the Principal of the Institution. He is aided with an overall Internship coordinator and he in turn is supported by the department coordinators. Regular meetings are organized stressing the importance of attending Internships in different concerns. Overall coordinator and other coordinators work together with defined roles,responsibility and authority to make the students much benefitted through these Internships. Every year all the students   have enrolled for various Internships and  more than 1000 students have got selected 

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • By doing so, More than 50 students are recognized as Internshala Student Partner(ISP) and more than 4500 students were selected for internship through Internshala.Our college has received All India level First Rank – Best Internship Record during Internship day on 25.8.2019 jointly organized by AICTE and Internshala and received Most Innovative College-South Zone award during Internship day on 25.08.2018 jointly organized by AICTE and Internshala.
  • Students are also certified with various other Internship training centres which shows their progress.
  • If the students completes 40 hours of Internship work, it merits to one credit as per AICTE’s Internship policy .This benefit is catered to the students under the approval of Principal and Head of the Department.

These types of activities makes our students who put themselves forward for an internship show that they are willing to take responsibility, work hard, want to learn, and are interested in getting experience. These are all qualities that hiring managers are interested in and this helps them to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market.



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