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About the Department

The department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in 2001 with the primary objective of providing world class education in the field of information technology, addressed towards the problems of today and tomorrow. The department endeavors to produce confident professionals tuned to the real time working environment.

The strength of the CSE Department is its Alumni, which adds a good amount of perception rating to the department by being most illustrious.

Department is committed to encourage students/researchers to carry out innovative research in the field of Computer Science & Engineering, keeping excellence in focus and deliver quality services to match the needs of the technical education system, industry and society.

Students of CSE department are motivated to be innovative in their thinking while being strong in the Computer Science Core Knowledge.

Faculty of CSE are always dedicated and devoted towards the comprehensive development of their students by training them physically through enough sports & games; psychologically through technical competitions globally.

The department of CSE as a whole aims at the development of Ace Computer Science Professionals with ethical values & societal concern.


  • B.E – Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.E – Computer Science and Engineering 
  • Ph.D.  Programme


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