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About The Department

The Medical Electronics Department at Paavai Engineering College (Autonomous) was established in the year 2018. It is a specialized discipline which integrates engineering with biomedical sciences and clinical practice. Our Under graduate programme in Medical Electronics broadly aims at equipping the students to applies knowledge of engineering, especially electronics, for devising innovative techniques for treatment of diseases and ailments with modern medical equipment. With advancements in the field, a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment has been introduced in recent years which has revolutionized the field of healthcare and has been instrumental in inventing cures for a range of ailments.

Medical Electronics Engineers develop innovations that perform automating insulin injections or control other body functions. This field seeks to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. The discipline is a combination of design and problem- solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences in order to develop healthcare procedures such as diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and therapy.

Some specialties within Medical Electronics Engineering comprise Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Medical Imaging, Rehabilitation Engineering, and Orthopedic Engineering. Medical Electronics Engineering Technology demands students desiring to be technical, and, at the same time, apply their careers to save lives by helping doctors, nurses and hospital patients. Graduates become Medical Electronics Engineers and maintain, repair, and calibrate the electronic medical instruments used in healthcare. To proceed in these careers, it is also important to develop skills in communicating problems, ideas and solutions to other employees. This program will build up troubleshooting skills in analog circuits, digital circuits, and processors. In addition, they must understand physiology, medical terminology and the operation of medical instruments such as EKG instruments, defibrillators, and incubators



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