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The society of all department engineers of Aero, Agri, Chemical, Civil, CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Mechatronics, MBA and MCA conducted the national-level technical symposium ‘TECHFINIX’16 on 29.09.16. This symposium was inaugurated by Mr. M.Siva Kumar, CEO, ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. He said that, the students with skills would have ample job opportunities. He further elucidated the role played by such symposium in improving the soft skills and technical skill of the students.

The valedictory function of ‘TechFinix’16 was held on 30.09.2016. Ms. Masha Nazeem, Young Scientist, Masha Innovation Center, gave motivational talk on innovation and its importance. Mr.Arun Krishnamurthy, Chief Guest, Environmental activist, said in his speech that people think that by the click of a facebook image they can save tigers or turtles, which is absurd and people need to get to the ground to work. He also said that, the education should make the youngsters to feel responsible and be active in participation of social and environmental activities.


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