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Thrust Areas

Faculty Involved Activities
Dr. A. Vivekanandhini Papers published in Journals -2
Plants in agriculture for food, fuel, fiber, recreation, and land restoration
Seed Production Technology- Good quality seed production,

seed processing and testing, seed production of horticulture crops

Crop production practices and its management- hybrid maize (Zeamays.L), Rice-Rice-Blackgram cropping system
Operation of farm machinery and equipments
Dr. P. Tamilchelvan Farm mechanization & machineries, viz., tractor, power tiller, hitching and tillage equipments.
Irrigation engineering
A.Meignanamoorthi Irrigation water management for crops, design of drip and sprinkler irrigation system, waste water treatment.
Papers published in Journals -2
Remote sensing and GIS application
N.Satheswaran Remote Sensing- image interpretation techniques, GIS and GNSS, analysis techniques in RS & GIS, Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in agriculture, soil and water resources.
Papers published in Journals -1
Disaster management, watershed management
M. Bhuvaneswari Disasterstheir significance and types, disaster risk reduction, disaster risk management.
Soil and land conservation using watershed and it improve the quality of water and effective utilization of water.
A.Subashini Surface water pollution management.
Protected cultivation and precision farming
P.Arthiya Crop production and its Research in Agro techniques for maximizing yield in Green gram.
K.S.Subha Protected cultivation system types, Hi-tech protected cultivation of vegetable crops, flower crops, precision farming techniques.
Agricultural microbiology
K.S.Subha Microbes and plant diseases. Soil fertility, microbial degradation of organic matter, soil nutrient transformations.
Microbial bio technology
C. Vignesh Genome studies, improved vaccines, disease-diagnostic tools, improved microbial agents for biological control of plant and animal pests, modifications of plant and animal pathogens for reduced virulence.
Soil and water conservation engineering.
Dr.C.Mayilswami Workshops/ Conferences conducted – 4
Various projects done under the sponsors of PL
480 Scheme USA, DFID UK.
Papers published in Journals Conferences -15 Farmers and Trainers trainings – 3
P.Athira Design of bunds, vegetative measures.
S. Sree devi Erosion control measures, Gully structures.
Water potential assessment and managements
Dr. C. Mayilswami, 2 members completed their Ph.D under the guideship.
10 Papers published in Journals
11 Research book published national and international
Various projects done under the sponsors of ICAR, TWAD, IWMI.
Climate change and adaptation, modeling.
Dr.R. Jagannathan Workshops/ Conferences conducted – 15
Various projects done under the topics of climate change and adaptation, modeling for national and international level.
Papers published in Journals Conferences national and international -25
S.Kiruthika Hydrological circle, Climate change adaptation.
Principles and practices of crop production and crop husbandry
S.Nithya Familiar in the areas of crop production practices and its management and has done.
Project in fodder (Bajra Napier) planting material evaluation.
Dr.R.Jagannathan Aeroponics
Fluid mechanics
K.B.Ramkumar Pumps, velocity and flow measurements in open channels
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