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Association Activities

Association Activities
Academic Year 2021-2022

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 18.09.2021 Seminar Smart Innovations in IoT and Embedded Systems Er. R. S.Venkatachalam
Managing Director,
Wizaard System,
2 15.09.2021 Alumni guest lecture Digital transformation technologies – AI and BOTS Mr.Gopal Kumar, Product Engineer, Max Life Insurance Company Limited, Gurgaon.
3 05.09.2021 Fine Arts club activity Teacher’s day celebration Dr.S.Vijayakumar
Professor , ECE
4 25.08.2021 Association Inauguration Association Inauguration
PACE 2021-22
Dr.Harry Gilbert
Senior Geologist
5 23.08.2021 In-House Webinar How to get research internship at MITACS Yuthan N – IV ECE
Thirupughalvan A – IV ECE
Pragadeesh M – IV ECE
6 07.08.2021 Webinar A Primer to embedded software development Mr.Sivanesan Rajapupathi
Senior Software Engineer,
Hbbell power systems
Managing Director
Max Ikon solutions
7 31.07.2021 Webinar Engineers impact in digital industries Mr.M.Parthiban Technical Product Manager, Caliber Embedded Pvt.Ltd, Salem.
8 19.07.2021 Webinar Opportunities after Engineering through GATE/ESE/PSU Mr.S.Manimohan Trinath, GATE/ESE Faculty ACE Academy, Hyderabad.

Academic Year 2020-2021

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 19.05.2021 Inauguration Inauguration of IETE Student Forum Mr.K.Kavin Kumar,
AP, ECE, IETE Erode centre.
2 19.05.2021 Webinar Recent Technological Advancements in VLSI Design Mr.P.Vignesh,
IC Verification Engineer,
Simulus Automation Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
3 17.03.2021 Webinar Career Opportunity for Higher Studies in Abroad Ms.Anusuya Marimutbu,
Pursuing MS in Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.
4 13.03.2021 Webinar Opto Electronics – Light sources and Display devices Dr.L.Bharathi,
Professor & Head ECE,
Ramachandra College of Engineering,
Andhra Pradesh
5 10.10.2020 Guest Lecture Industrial Application of Embedded Systems Dr.D.Rukmani Devi,
Professor,ECE,R.M.D Engineering College, Thiruvallur.
6 26.09.2020 Webinar Internet of Things: Present and Future Mr.S.Sunilkumar,
Technology Strategy Architect,
Decoding&Coding, E2E Technology
7 16.08.2020 Alumni Guest Lecture Enrich Your Skills in Cloud Before Being a Graduate Ms.Menaka Priyadharshini Baskar, Associate Software Engineer, Accenture, Chennai.
8 18.07.2020 Webinar – Online Teaching Techniques and Tools 1.Dr.A.Kalaivani , Associate Professor, CSE Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai. 2.Dr.Vishaldatt Kohir, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, KBN University, Bangalore.
9 15.07.2020 Webinar Recent trends in Microstrip Antenna Technology Dr.Swagata Sarkar , Professor & Head , Department of Artificial Intelligence, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai.
10 11.07.2020 Webinar Recent Trends in Enbedded Systems(Automative Domain) Mr.Karthik Kandasamy, Technical Leader, Veoneer Automative India Ltd., Banglore.
11 07.07.2020 & 08.07.2020 Quiz Program Quiz – Digital Electronics
12 03.07.2020 Webinar Things to do in your 20’s to be Successful. Dr,M.Issa Fathima Jasmine, Consultant Orthodonist, Founder, Ayyamittu Unn, CHRO, Dynamic Netsoft Technologies
13 21.06.2020 Webinar Cognitive Radio: An Intelligent Wireless Communication Systems Mrs.M.Sarawathi, Associate Professor,ECE, Panimalar Engineering College
14 13.06.2020 Webinar Recent Trends in Semiconductor Industry and ASIC Verification Ms.Lavanya Ayiraramu, IC Verification Engineer, Stimulus Automation Pvt., Ltd.,
15 04.06.2020 Alumni Guest Lecture Life After Engineering Degree Mr.Ajay Antony, Assistant Manager, Global Customs, Vestas Wind India Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Academic Year 2019-2020

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 26.06.2019 Alumni Guest lecture Telecommunication-Software development perspective Mr.Anbarasu Shanmugam, Project Consultant, Capgemini technology services india limited, Bangalore.
2 06.09.2019 Guest lecture RF MEMS for Wireless Communication Dr.B.Nataraj, Associate Professor,ECE, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore-641022.
3 18.12.2019 Workshop Future of Leadership Mr.Ajit Moorthy, Co-Chair, E&I Vertical Chain, Coimbatore.
4 20.12.2019 Workshop Ethical Hacking Mr.S.Vivek, CEO , Ozone Cyber Security, Kerala.
5 22.01.2020 Workshop Blue Ocean strategy Mr.K.Aravindhan, Post Chair, Yi Salem Chapter, CEO, MSV groups.
6 04.02.2020 & 05.02.2020 Workshop Synchronization with IoT Mrs.Vimaladevi, HR, Caliber Embedded Technologies.

Academic year 2018 – 2019

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 1.3.19, 2.3.19 CSIR sponsored Two Day National Level Workshop Technological Advancementand Development for the safety of Women Mrs.L.Mukhil, Block Stastical Investigator, Department of Statistic, Namakkal
2 20.12.18, 21.12.18, 22.12.18 CSIR sponsored National level three days seminar Challenges in charging of Electrical Vehicle for Green Environment Dr.E.Chandra sekaran, Associate Professor, Dept.of EEE , Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
3 7.1.19 Paper Presentation Through “Electronics Club” Recent trends in respective departments Dr.R.Arangasamy
4 7.1.19 ELECTRA 2K 19 Quiz General Quiz and current affairs Dr.R.Arangasamy
5 21.02.19 Guest Lecture Industry Expectation Versus Student Expectation Mr.R.Thamarai Selva Prakasam, Technical Specialist, Tech Mahendra, Quatar.
6 20.1.19 Guest Lecture Discover the ifference in Networking and Data Communication Mr.S.Santhakumar, Application Security Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd, Cochin Naveda Campus (CNC), Kerala.

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 14.03.2018 One-Day
5G Technology Mr.V.Anbalagan,
Sub Divisional Engineer,
BSNL, Salem.
2 01.12.2017 One-Day
Challenges in hardware
interfacing with ARM processor
using Embedded C
Assistant Professor
Paavai Engineering College
3 28, 29 & 30.11.2017 Inplant Training Workshop On Fundamentals Of
Agm(Enterprise Business),
BSNL Salem
4 23.09.2017 Guest
Mobile App Development Mr.KarthikVaradharaj
Lead Engineer (Technical)
Accenture Services
Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
5 14.09.2017 Guest
Communicate to Express not
to Impress
Director- Learning and Development Learning Solutions @ De’arc, Chennai
6 07.09.2017 Intra
Recent Trends in
Mr.K. Sriram Kumar
Engineer (Technical)
Accenture Services
Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Academic Year 2016 – 2017

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 11.03.2017 Guest
ElectromagneticCompatibilityEducational andIndustrial Perspectives Dr.T.R.SureshKumar,
Treasurer,IEEE EMC Society
Madras Chapter and
Associate Professor,
School ofElectronics Engineering,VIT, Vellore
2 06.10.2016
& 07.10.2016
ElectronicProductDesign Mr.NirmalSharavanan
Breathe Electronics,
3 08.08.2016 Guest
IndustrialNeeds inVLSI Design Dr.V.Selvakumar
EngineerSynopsys(I) Pvt.Ltd,Bangalore

Academic Year 2015 – 2016

S.No. Date Type of the programme Title of the programme Resource person
1 19.03.2016 Project
PARIKSHA Dr.K.K.Ramasamy,
2 14.09.2015 Two-day
National Level
Technical Symposium
VIBRANTZ2K15 Mr.B.GangadharaRao
Electrical Division,
IIGM Private Ltd,Bangalore
3 01.08.2015 Guest
RecentTrendsin Fiber Optic
Dr.D.SriramKumar, Professorand Head,
Dept of ECE,NIT,Trichy
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