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Student Projects

1 A study on Employee Engagement and Queries Handling 2019-20
2 A study  on Human Resource Audit in Ashok Textile Salem 2019-20
3 A study on Employee Retention in Techvolt Software Pvt Ltd 2019-20
4 A study on Employee Perception  towards Granite Corporation , Salem 2019-20
5 A study on Job Satisfaction in VEE technology 2019-20
6 A study on Impact of Performance Appraisal Towards Reliance Trends 2019-20
7 A study on HR Policies and Implementation in Cotton Blosoms 2019-20
8 A study on  Employee Job Satisfaction Survey , Vandamalyan Hospital 2019-20
9 A Study on International and  National Finance Handiling 2019-20
10 A Summer Internship in Postero technologies 2019-20
11 Internship Program in Puduchery Cooperative Spinning Mill 2019-20
12 A study on ratio Analysis in Salem Steel Plant 2019-20
13 A study on Employee Training and Development 2019-20
14 Internship in Girish Knitting 2019-20
15 Internship in Sri Anjenaya  Pipes 2019-20
16  A study on  Financial repoorts in Apex Heart Hospital 2019-20
17 A study on Recruitment and Selection Process in Next Innovatision Asia 2019-20
18 Internship in Power tech Pipe Products 2019-20
19 Internship in Girish Knitting 2019-20
20 Internship in VJ Plastics 2019-20
21 Industy Study in CR Poultry Farm 2019-20
22 Cost analysis and Study in Sundaram Fabricators 2019-20
23 Organization Study in Sundaram Fabricaotrs 2019-20
24 Organizational Study in Podaran Foods India Private Ltd 2019-20
25 Internship in Aishwarya Feeds 2019-20
26 Organizational Study in Netfire Surfin Air 2019-20
27 A study on Employee Retention in Asia Engineering Pvt Ltd Coimbatore 2018-19
28 A study on investor Perception towards Mutual Funds With special referene towards Rajagopuram Wealth Management 2018-19
29 A study on performance mgt towards  Saraswathi Udyog India ltd namakkal 2018-19
30 A study on factors influincing stress in Nandhi Dhall Mills , Salem 2018-19
31 A Study on Customer Perception towards PRS Tyres Namakkal 2018-19
32 A study on Employee Motivation Towards Asian Engineering Coimabtore 2018-19
33 A study on Performance Appraisal Towards Girish Knitting Pvt Ltd Thirupur 2018-19
34 A study on Job Satisfaction towards PKP Spintex Mill , Dharmapuri 2018-19
35 A study on Quality of Work life of Employee in Salem Foods 2018-19
36 A study on Consumer Satisfaction towards Jaisakthi Foods , Karur 2018-19
37 A study on Employee Attrition towards  VJ Plastics, Erode 2018-19
38 A study on Employee retention in work culture speciual reference to Podaran Food India Private Ltd 2018-19
39 A study on consumer attitude and awareness towards Branded electronical wire and cable with reference to  Nuofil  and Infotech pvt ltd Coimbatore 2018-19
40 A study on efficiency to  Managerial  Training and development  in S.K. Engineering 2018-19
41 A study on Impact of Training and Development on employees with special reference to Ponni Agro Industries Pvt Ltd 2018-19
42 A study on Management Leadership Quality in Velmurugan Heavy Industries 2018-19
43 A study on Financial Working Capital of Salem Food Products Pvt Ltd 2018-19
44 A study on factors Influencing  Job satisfaction of Employees towards Nuoiafil and InfoTech Pvt Ltd 2018-19
45 A study on Employee Satisfaction towards Welfare Measures in SRG Apprels Lvt Ltd, Tirupur 2018-19
46 A study on various HR Practices towards Rich Diary Products 2018-19
47 A study on Job is faction in Krishna  District Producer Mutually  aided coop Union 2018-19
48 A study on Financial Performance analysis in central bank of India 2018-19
49 A study on Employee Work life balance in MPG Agro 2018-19
50 A study on Employee Absenteeism in Divya  Garments 2018-19
51 A study  on Retailers Satisfaction towards PV Knit Fashioins 2018-19
52 Organizational Study in Stemson 2018-19
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