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Laboratory Facility

Food Processing and Preservation Laboratory

This lab is equipped with design and unit operation systems for processing of biological materials to develop products for the food industries and prepare for future challenges and opportunities in food sector.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Fluid mechanics laboratory is important in the chemical engineering curriculum, since in any process industry, storage, handling, and transportation of fluids play a vital role. Chemical engineers are concerned with transportation of fluids (both liquids and gases) from one location to another through pipes or ducts. This activity requires determination of the pressure drop, friction factor through the system and consequently of the power required for pumping, selection of suitable type of pumping device and measurement of the flow rates.

Instrumental Methods of Analysis Laboratory

This lab is designed to complement principles of analytical instrumentation and provide a practical introduction and experience in the use of modern analytical instrumentation. Emphasis will be placed on sample preparation, instrumental operation/methods, and data interpretation for a range of pharmaceutical, biological, environmental, and industrial samples.

Fruits Vegetable Processing and Packaging Laboratory

The main objective of lab is to provide a basic knowledge on extraction, pulping, dehydration and prepare value added fruits and vegetable-based products. The lab is equipped with freeze dryer, vacuum oven and vacuum packaging machines which enhance the research practices.

Food Analysis Laboratory

The main objective of the food analysis laboratory is to conduct analysis of different agricultural commodity, food products and contaminants. It aims to characterize food products in terms of chemical composition, traceability, safety, quality, sensory perception and nutritional value.

Testing of Packaging Materials Laboratory

The packaging laboratory aims to identify and use appropriate packaging technologies for retaining the quality of cereal grains, fruits/vegetables, and processed foods, and investigates the methods to evaluate the properties of the packaging materials. It enhances the knowledge of students about various packaging materials, tests used to identify and evaluate these packaging materials.

Food Process Engineering Laboratory

Food process engineering laboratory focuses on developing new and innovative food processing technologies to enhance food quality, safety. It enhances the knowledge of clean process technology development and application of engineering principles integrated with food chemistry, microbiology and nutrition concepts.

Microbiology Laboratory

It is important for food technologist to acquaint with diversity of microorganisms and their similarities and differences to one another. Students will practice various techniques to isolate, culture, observe and identify microorganisms and to gain more knowledges with procedures used for specimen collection and the needful precautions for food preservation.

Food Chemistry Laboratory

This lab facilitates the students to know about the chemical processes and interactions of all biological and non-biological components of foods. It also encompasses how products change under certain food processing techniques and ways either to enhance or to prevent them from happening.

Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory

The lab provides practical knowledge on three basic modes of heat transfer and their applications in industrial heat transfer operations. Experiments help the students to gain practical experience on various heating/cooling mechanisms to understand the principles of thermo-fluid/solid sciences. It facilitates the students to understand the fundamental concepts of interphase mass transfer. Experimental studies equip the students with the necessary input for the design/operation of complex equipment for mass transfer operations like absorption, distillation, crystallization, extraction etc. The lab also extends facilities for conducting ug projects.

Dairy Engineering Laboratory

Dairy engineering laboratory aims to familiarize the students in necessary technical input in the areas of milk preservation, product/ process awareness and improvement, technologies for development of Indian dairy products, product quality assessment and design and development of dairy equipment.

Baking and Confectionery Laboratory

The main intention of the baking and confectionery laboratory is to furnish the basic principles intricated in diverse mechanisms of processing, preservation and quality control techniques in bakery and confectionery products.


S.No. Equipment
1 Microscope
2 Centrifuge
3 Shaker
4 Water bath
5 Heating mantle
6 Muffle furnace
7 Spectrophotometer
8 Microwave oven
9 Fermenter
10 Autoclave
11 Hot air oven
12 Electric beater
13 Crown capping corking machine
14 Colour comparator
15 Fume hood apparatus
16 Dean and stark apparatus
17 Simple distillation unit
18 Metal can sealer machine
19 Tray dryer
20 Fluidized bed dryer
21 Sedimentation cylinder
22 Blender
23 Compression press
24 Juice extractor
25 Pulper
26 Peeler
27 Sedimentation cylinder
28 Deck oven
29 Dough mix
30 Fermentation cabinet
31 Digital photocalorimeter
32 Soxhlet apparatus
33 Polarimeter
34 Milk lactometer
35 Milk tester
36 Butyrometer
37 Deep freezer
38 Blast freezer
39 Kjeldal apparatus
40 Homogenizer
41 Viscometer
42 Vortex mixer
43 Pycnometer
44 Refractometer
45 pH meter
46 Moisture analyser
47 Stadiometer
48 Lovibond comparator disc


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