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Entrepreneurship Development Cell & IIC

Entrepreneurship Development Cell makes an effort to galvanize and integrate a culture of innovation through a favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem to help budding entrepreneurs to perceive their skill and dream to start up their own enterprises. It shapes the entrepreneurial skills like idea generation, business modeling, cash flow, forecasting, negotiation & sales skills through hands on training, programs, mentoring and campus startups. It develops the leadership skills among the students to enhance their entrepreneurial proficiency.


To inculcate, develop and enhance entrepreneurial potential of the budding professionals for producing ethical, innovative and successful entrepreneurs by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide the platform for individuals with creative minds and ideas for substantial business opportunities.


  • To provide opportunity and promote innovative ideas for converting them into start-up establishment.
  • To become the center of excellence to motivate and enable the students to become entrepreneurs by developing novel technologies catering to current market demands and achieves success in initiating and developing their own enterprises.
  • Develop such kind of institutional environment where each new idea can grow and sustain in real world with passion and fervor. Also students can elaborate their ideas & objectives in a desirable way


  • To promote entrepreneurial mindset and facilitate acquiring business knowledge
  • To impart entrepreneurship skills through various development activities
  • To create a platform to develop projects into startups
  • To encourage students to establish their own business ventures
  • To create awareness on augmenting comprehensive resources to set up a business.


  • Organizing workshops every year to motivate the students to become EDC members
  • Conducting regular online courses in association with entrepreneurship promoting organizations.
  • Arranging interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs periodically
  • Conducting competitions in every semester to exhibit their entrepreneurial talents, creativity and innovation
  • Organizing industrial visits, at least once in a semester
  • Arranging special lectures on topics like for business planning, team building, generation of resources and other business related concepts

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