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About the Department

The Department of English was established in 2001 and it offers English Communication Skills to the students of B.E., B.Tech.,  MCA. The Department has a rich tradition, a glorious past and a glorious present. A galaxy of distinguished scholars serve as  faculty members. The department has organized BEC courses to the faculty and the students Dr. Kasthuri Bai, Dean-Faculty Development, Paavai Institutions, trains the faculty members and conducts Faculty Revalidation Programme.

            We live in a society; a society cannot survive without communication. Communication is necessary to maintain interpersonal relationship and to live a meaningful life. Mastery of English or a command over English will fetch us respect among the society and it will be very helpful for our career prospects. Any amount of academic scholarship or technical knowledge without communication is of no use.

            In the present competitive world, a sound knowledge of English Communication Skills is very essential and indispensable; and it plays a crucial role in the job market. So, all the engineering students are expected to acquire fluency in communication to improve their spoken English.

English Corner:

        A step has been taken to display certain English language items such as vocabulary, idioms and phrases, usages, riddles, wise-sayings, basic grammar, construction of simple sentences on every notice board of Paavai Institutions. Two pages of English language material is prepared and displayed every month in order to help the students and the staff members learn new language items and recollect and retain what they have already learnt.

 Business English Certification   

        Having in mind the dire necessity of gaining mastery over English, the Chairman prompted the English department to conduct Business English Certificate (BEC) course for the staff as well as the students. This Cambridge University certificate is globally recognized and it has world-wide validity. Moreover, it has been fixed as the minimum criteria for the eligibility even to apply for any post in certain world renowned institutions and organizations. By and large, the English department, with right spirit, has so far guided and helped nearly 2000 teachers and students to obtain the BEC Preliminary Certificate and BEC (Vantage).

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