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Association Activities

Student Association Activities

S. No. Date Association Name of the speaker / convener & details Topic
1 10.02.2020 Aryabata Math Forum V.Jegan Math aptitude
2 24.10.2019 Aryabata Math Forum T.T.Arya Math quiz
3 21.02.2019 Aryabata Math Forum P.Gowsalya Math aptitude
4 18.09.2018 Aryabata Math Forum B.Janani Math quiz
5 08.02.2018 Aryabata Math Forum R.Akilan Math puzzles
7 21.11.2017 Aryabata Math Forum Jesima yasmeen Applications of matrices and calculus
8 18.10.2017 Aryabata Math Forum J.Bavithra Math quiz
9 23.09.2016 Aryabata Math Forum Subash,
Mathematical puzzles
10 20.08.2016 Aryabata Math Forum Siman Rosario Mysteries of Mathematics
11 15.07.2016 Aryabata Math Forum M.Yuvaraj Vedic Mathematics
12 24.03.2016 Aryabata Math Forum G.Krishnan Logical Thinking
13 08.02.2016 Aryabata Math Forum D.Dhivya Priya Math Puzzles
14 22.09.2015 Aryabata Math Forum D.Prabhu Aptitude Solving
15 18.08.2015 Aryabata Math Forum M.Prasanth Quick Math
16 12.03.2015 Aryabata Math Forum M.Prasanth Logical Reasoning
17 05.02.2015 Aryabata Math Forum K.Yuvaraj Shortcuts for Aptitude
18 27.10.2014 Aryabata Math Forum C.Inian Siddarth Puzzles
19 20.10.2014 Aryabata Math Forum K.Yuvaraj Puzzles and Videos

Faculty Association Activities

Academic year 2020 – 2021

S.No. Name of the Programme Topic of the Lecture Name of the Resource Person Platform Date &Duration Photo
1 One Day National Webinar Applications of Laplace Transform and Vector Calculus in Engineering Dr.S.Vidhyanandhini, Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai. Microsoft Team 03.07.2021
2 One Day National Webinar An Introduction to Linear Algebra for CSIR/SET Exam Dr.R.Malarvizhi, Assistant Professor& Head, Department of Mathematics, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal. Microsoft Team 25.06.2021
3 One Day National Webinar Role of Mathematics in Engineering Dr.S.Mohankumar Professor, Department of Mathematics, Excel College of Engineering & Technology, Kumarapalayam. Microsoft Team 19.06.2021
4 Online Workshop Best Practices of ICT tools in Teaching and Learning Dr.P.Geetha, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam. Google Meet 29.08.2020
5 One Day National Webinar Analytic Continuation Dr.M.Marudai, Honorary Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bharathidasan University, Trichy. Google Meet 31.07.2020
6 One Day National Webinar Modeling Theory in Research Techniques Dr.R.SreeParimala, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering(Autonomous), Coimbatore. Google Meet 27.07.2020
7 One Day National Webinar Renewable Energy for A Sustainable Future Dr.K.Sukkiramathi, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore. Google Meet 18.07.2020
8 One Day National Webinar Informal Introduction of Blockchain Technology Dr.Nirmalkannan, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, ALTRAN Technologies. Google Meet 27.06.2020

Academic year 2018 – 2019

S.No. Name of the Programme Topic of the Lecture Name of the Resource Person Platform Date &Duration Photo
1 Faculty Development Programme Linear Algebra and Applications Dr.P.Jayakumar HoD/Mathematics Paavai Engineering College, Namakkal Smart Hall 03.10.2018
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