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About the Department

Physics department was established in the year 2001. The Physics department has enthusiastic, academically experienced and research oriented faculties.  The department aims at equipping the future engineers with various aspects of fundamental physics, which make them understand, develop and innovate, thus contributing to the technological development of tomorrow. As of now, the Department has active teaching and research programmes with faculty strength of 13. The faculty of Physics Department has been actively pursuing research in important areas like Crystal Growth, Thin film, Material Science, Ultrasonic and Spectroscopy. The Department has 3 Ph.D research scholars and five members who have completed Ph.D through our department. The faculty members have published more than 35 papers in reputed National / International journals and presented a number of papers in National/ International Conferences.

The department is actively engaged in research activities in the areas of thin films and Materials Science. Department has got well-established laboratory to provide good hand on experience of physics experiments to students. Also, department has research laboratory with facilities developed to carry out research in the field of Crystal Growth, Thin film, Material Science, Ultrasonics and Spectroscopy. The Department has established a research laboratory and has been recognized as the approved research centre by Anna University, Chennai for doing research. Two faculty members have recognition as Research Guide in Physics by Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

 Recently our department has received one funded project on DST-SERB in the project title of Graphene embedded Metal/Metal oxide carbon nanofiber composites for energy storage for three years. The total Budget approved by the project is Rs.35, 53,500.00.

Major equipment available for research work are Electro Spinning Machine Model: NFES-040D, Electrochemical Analyser Model VERTEXA, Tubular Furnace including Front door- Advanced Model and Digital Weight Balance (0.00001g) accuracy.

Courses offeredThe following course is offered

Ph.D – Physics

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