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Marketing Committee




The mission of the Marketing Committee is to cultivate useful relationships among key groups of stakeholders, providing input regarding target audiences, branding and marketing strategies to achieve the College’s goals. It relates to marketing and communication including increasing enrolment, maximizing student retention, strengthening community awareness and engagement in all arenas.


Specific duties and responsibilities of the committee include but are not limited to

  • Serve as advisors to the marketing
  • Develop marketing plans and ultimately reaching marketing
  • Works with other committees to insure the marketing efforts are consistent across all committees.
  • Getting information in, from those stakeholders (doing inbound marketing) and providing information out (doing outbound marketing) to those
  • Crafting marketing messages for
  • Determining the audiences to be
  • Review on strategic marketing
  • Evaluate and review specific marketing activities and results and make recommendations for future planning
  • Develop, update, and recommend institutional policies and social media
  • Review and analyze various advertising

The Committee members are as follows

S.No Name Position Mail id
1 Dr.M.Premkumar Chairman pecprincipal@paavai.edu.in
2 Prof.M Mohan Member Secretary pecsandhhod@paavai.edu.in
3 Dr.B Kishok kumar Member kishokbalasubramaniam@paavai.edu.in
4 Dr.P Mahendran Member mahendirannatarajanpec@paavai.edu.in
5 Prof.S Sakthivel Member sakthivelselvarajpec@paavai.edu.in
6 Prof.G Manimekalai Member webadmin@paavai.edu.in.


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