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Extra Curricular Committee





Extra-Curricular Committee is formed to develop student’s leadership skills, organizational skills and collaboration .This committee arranges various extracurricular activities to bring out the hidden talents of students and to motivate them for participating in activities which includes cultural, sports and social activities for the overall development of the students.

Sports are an integral part of student’s life which helps in developing team spirit and discipline.it also enhances the physical and mental abilities, develops a spirit of sportsmanship among students. This committee is formed to ensure the awareness in students about physical education and sports, to organize and conduct various indoor and outdoor sports activities at regular intervals. Our college students represent university level in various sports events. Some of them have played at state/national level also. Our college has bagged Champion of Champions at Anna university sports board continuously for 6 years.

The cultural committee is responsible for all inter and intra collegiate cultural events .the committee s formed to celebrate the cultural diversity in the campus by organizing cultural events through this forum, to encourage and motivate the students to participate in ASTRA, convivial day, hostel day, youth festival, etc. social activities are regularly organized mainly to nourish students positive values and attitudes.


S.No Name Designation Role
1 Dr.M.Premkumar Principal Chairman
2 Mr.M.Mohan Professor ,Chemistry Dept. Coordinator
3 Mr.N.Santhanaraja Physical Director Member
4 Mr.A.P.Sivasubramananiam Professor & Head ,Mechanical Dept. Member
5 Mrs.A.Samundeeswari Associate Professor, ECE Dept. Member
6 Mr.S.Rajesh Associate Professor, CSE Dept. Member
7 Mr.Rathina Kumar NSS Officer Member
8 Mr.S.Loganathan Assistant Professor, ECE Dept. Member
9 Mr.K.Ramachandra III- B.E /ECE Dept. Member
10 Mr.V.Monish IV-B.E /MCT Dept. Member
11 Mr.R.Nandhakummar IV- B.E /ECE Dept. Member
12 Ms.R.Swesika IV- B.E /ECE Dept. Member
13 Mr.S.Kombaiahpandian III- B.E /MECH Dept. Member

MoM – Extra Curricular Committee

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